Donation for Banana-Praise (with Bindernowski)

Is there anything to say about Donations?
May you heard already tons of teachings, sermons, begging, pleading, etc.

Scripture say: man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (YHWH)

Bread 1Bread 2Bread c


Yes, yet no gift is given to me to be a teacher, nor a preacher, so  I cannot earn any money with speaking.
So, so cover the cost for living I have to work physically 5 days a week.

Writing music, recording and selling them supposed not to be a one man show.
It’s a lot of work and usually most musicians never cover their expenses with their music – nothing different with the Banana-Praise.
Music simply is not profitable – I would even say income from that is almost nothing at all.

I already pray that there might be someone out there who would be willing to support me on long term. And I only need less than 500$ per month to cover everything.

With a financial backup I would spend every day to worship and pray non-stop including emergency-prayer-requests and leave the rest as secondary.

Don’t get confused if you end up donating to Bindernowski – it’s the same addressee!


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