Natula’s variegated Drumsolo @ Promikon performed in 1996 

This actually does not literally match to the other songs of Banana-Praise but a bit more colors here might not too bad, I think…

Now… Long loooooong time ago at Promikon I performed this drumsolo (not sure about the month and place anymore but guess it was Jan. somewhere in the middle of Germany).
Also I would give credit to the video team but could not remember who filmed it. In digitalizing the movie the beginning and the end were cut off and the original tape one day fond it’s way to the bin.

I played a similar solo at another event before but no movie taken though i think it was somehow better the better version – yet also no technical issues there and whatever…
I tweaked the sound of this one trying to improve the sound with the few toys that I have – actually with PC speaker.

At the concert I had some technical issues that I could not fix. Very sad, because of the icy temperatures the memory for some additional sounds and effects that I would have triggered every now and then from a Moog synthesizer (Memorymoog) completely vanished. Not enough time to restore them.
You may laugh but I was literally freezing while playing even under the lamps because just a few steps behind was an open door to the outside with a cold stream around me.

Some portions include songs that I wrote – where I am joining to this playback music.
Only The Nutcracker from Tchaikovsky is not my own composition.

Instead of one long solo I had to separate it into 3 sections – where other bands played between.
I thnk it’s not a good idea because it interrups the flow of the playing but what can I do as a little light in the music market.
This drumset was without any doubt my most wonderful set I’ve ever had.
Between the analog set some electronics.
It includes 2 normal Bassdrum and 2 electronic bassdrums where actually I used also for other sounds not only bassdrum. 2 regular Hi-Hats and one electronic.
If this is not enough I had also two more pedals to change the sounds.
Well, time moves on and things change…
Anyway, enjoy the solo…

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