Drumsolo on electronic drumset of Drum Tec with the title: “Out of time and space”

Another Dumsolo from the Banana Goofball
Whether the title is suitable or not 😉
I received it before start playing not knowing how it will turn out…

Yet it will be the last on that specific drumset as there are no more recordings.
Maybe one day there is a chance for another solo (though another drumset), but for the moment prayer and preparation for the coming of the Mashiach Yeshua is more important!

Let the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy spirit) speak to you as you watch this solo.

Yet it does not really look it is a electronic drumset but this is really an 100% electonic Set:
It’s a Drum-Tec Sapeli with a Roland TD-20 Brain.
Recorded 2013 in Cyprus on Cubase DAW.
Enjoy …

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