This is a section with worldly non-spiritual Songs.

Why do I sing this songs?

One of my best friends that I know since a little child is a great singer and every now and then he is performing Karaoke live on weddings or other smaller events.

Once while I was staying at his place I wanted to record some of his singing but there he want me to sing as well.
As he know me since many years personally and also the character of my voice the Songs he picked for me really fit.
With most songs I can honestly identify – especially emotionally – at least to some extend with the lyrics.

He somehow believes that there is a God but I hope one day he will come to the full understanding of God’s grace and his need for repentance and forgiveness and find Yeshua as his personal Lord and savior.

In all the worldly singing (though some specific lyrics I don’t sing) we had alot of fun and I am very grateful he pushed me to record them.

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