Banana-Praise Chapter one live concert, May 14, 2016; Song 12: “Amazing Grace”
…this hundred? year old song

Maybe some people get a bit tired of that song but… here again my interpretation very much traditional

Everywhere we look we see the Amazing Grace.
When the Glory of God will come down in a place it is sure there will be also angels around whether we see them or not.
They always want to be in the presence of Gods Glory.

If you don’t believe in angels I can give you proof. You see the Banana-goofball here sitting behind the piano and guitar singing some song. I know they exist.

And it is a mystery for me that angels protect us often even if we do very foolish things – and I have done a lot of it.

But the greatest is the Amazing Grace, the beauty of Yeshua’s Salvation. Grace we never deserve – surely not me.

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