The Banana Question is the 15. Song of Banana-Praise Chapter one and not really a song.


Maybe you wonder about this weird name: Banana-Praise?

In the bible, the book of Judges there is written the testimony of the strongest man who ever lived on earth with long hair.
In Chapter 14 we read about a riddle he gave the people to solve.

I thought; hey cool, I will make something similar with the Banana-Praise.
Well, Shimshon (Samson) gave the people at the wedding 7 days time to solve his riddle and I will give time until the second Banana-Praise, which means a whole month.
And the one who gets the correct or the best answer will win a banana-reward.

So the question is: why I named these concerts “Banana-Praise”.

In the second Banana-Praise I will post the answer.
Yet, no one guessed it right.

In the second part of Banana-Praise on YouTube you will find the answer… till take a little time to get it done.

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