Banana-Praise Chapter one live, May 14, 2016; Song 16: Numbers 6:24-26″ BaMidbar בםדבר: כד,כה,כו (The Aharonic Blessing) 

16. Song of Banana-Praise Chapter one is Biblical from: “Numbers 6:24-26”.
Named as the Aharonic blessings

Many people here surely know these verses but I guess not many know the original.

In Judaism I assume only the priests that should be the decendants of Aharon, usually the people with the family name Kohen are permitted to speak these blessings.
I don’t have a complete understanding and insight in all detail but in my opinion I don’t see anything wrong to speak blessings into another’s life.

Whether you are a true priest or a descendant of Aaron, a Jew, a disciple of Yeshua, a Christian or just a simple believer of the everlasting truth, etc….

Like with everything also this blessing in numbers 6 should be spoken in faith and obedience according the instructions of Torah, the living Word of Elohim.

Spoken because of tradition or liturgy I compare it to have the same power and effect of filling milk instead fuel into the tank of a car.

Actually, for this blessing I created a melody.
I think it’s nicer than just dry words.

I worked around a phonetic pronunciation as you can see here.
Maybe it can be optimized one day.

The pronunciation of hwhj, the personal name of God that is translated over 6000 times in scripture.
The pronunciation that I use for hwhj could be not accurate – no one really knows this for sure.
Whether they are right or wrong…
I picked it up in a synagogue in Jerusalem while listening to a discussions of some ultraorthodox rabbis ancient pronunciations.
It’s always men’s choice whether they think His name is too holy to speak it or if they have the freedom to pronounce His Name.
But as Yeshua’s name is in His father’s name, (Joh 17:11+12) those people who don’t want to pronounce need to consider they should also not pronounce Yeshua’s Name!

I don’t use His name in all places but as long the Lord has not given me a ban on His name I will use it in my music regardless if you like it and agree or not.

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