“You Surprised me” live @ Banana-Praise Chapter one, May 14, 2016,

a very personal song how I came to faith
You know it is always good when we are able to share our testimony how we came to faith. Of course, some people have really a gorgeous awesome story; other testimonies are rather plain or even some are kinda boring.

Years ago I have been in a church where people pushed me in a very disgusting way that I always need to have a mind-boggling testimony in the pocket to shoot around every corner.
“Technically” speaking it sounds right but there was a little problem:
I had no clue the real way how I even came to faith.

Well, I could remember the way how I ended up in the Christian environment. But this is not the same as to come to faith in Yeshua or being born again.
Sleeping in a garage does not make me automatically a car or going to Mac Donald does not make me a Hamburger.
Well, I know how it feels to be a sandwich but that’s another business.
So there was nothing to share at this point and I avoided any conversation about this topic.

But then it happened 38 Years later while sitting on the couch with the guitar in my hand…
“By Surprise”
The Holy Spirit gave me a song about how all of this happened – when I did the first step to end up in the Hands of Yeshua

May you don’t understand everything in detail but don’t worry.
Whether you ever heard such a silly story or not,
Just enjoy and have fun.

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