A Name is a Name; Is a name only a name? – What name I am speaking about?

When reading the O.T. in the Hebrew I can see all over written so clearly about the Savior and Mashiach but he seems to disconnect somehow in the N.T. in the full meaning.

However, He is a Hebrew and a Jew.
But always the same question rise up in me in meaning and identity from a Hebrew mindset:

Besides all theological disputes the question is: Why got the saviors name changed so much in the Greek N.T. compared to the O.T. but on the other hand the name of the devil, the accuser and liar was kept in the N.T. exactly with his Hebrew name as it was written in the O.T. except just typed in Greek letters.

When I think that even my name remains in every language in this world the same only with some differences in spelling or typed in different letters so I cannot understand the purpose why the Saviors name, the name above all names became everywhere different?

So I wrote a song with a lot of questions…

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