Last minute (before Yeshuas return) – live music @ Banana Praise #2

If you ever missed a flight or cruise you may assume it’s a bad feeling standing there watching the aircraft or the ship moving away.
Well, the boats I missed in my life are other stories…
For traveling around here on earth there is a chance to get a last minute ticket for the next trip…
But on our way to heaven when time is over there is no way to get right with God anymore.

The last years amount of prophetic words in YouTube or somewhere else on the web seem to increase rapidly claiming exactly when the end of the world supposed to be (you are still here?) and every one of them believe to know the truth.
Yes, the Devil knows that his end will be soon that’s why he pushes all buttons to make this world crazy.
No matter how much crazier the world will turn by the devils lies and deceptions. Don’t miss the last boat, the way to heaven. Have your lamps filled with oil, watch the signs of His coming and get right with God!

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