So you wanna go back to Egypt (Cover) – live @ Banana Praise Chapter two

I think everyone knew the story when the Israelites went on the long 40 years journey through the wilderness.
And there they ate that stuff that came from heaven named Manna.

I thought if in those ancient days such modern “health” organizations (WHO, etc.) would have existed they possibly would have said: no, no, you cannot only eat one type of food. You need proteins vitamins carbohydrates and all that kind of stuff etc.

Maybe the forefathers of the modern evil junk food industry, Monsanto, Bayer, MD, and their long arms UN, WHO and so on were to ones who said: let us go back to Egypt to have some garlic and onions instead…

Anyway I rather eat His manna 40 years in the desert instead to lust for the worldly meat in slavery that will come one day out of my nostrils.

Do you wanna to go back to Egypt?
A Song composed by Keith Green

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