The Shepherd and the Bride – live @ Banana Praise Chapter two

From the songs about the sheep and the shepherd now to the other aspect of the Lord, as the bridegroom and we not only as silly sheep but also as His bride.
I look forward to the final wedding in heaven – surely, it will be awesome.

Well, I believe the wedding will be very soon. Hope everyone here will make it and no-one will be left behind.

Do you know actually how the wedding there will look like?
As the savior is a Jew and He will always remain a Jew it will be a real Jewish wedding.

What I experienced at Jewish weddings there are always tons of food. In heaven we might get Manna in million of different variations.
But there is also a lot of rejoicing and dancing – as dancing is not really my thing so I prefer to play and sing and let others hop around…

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