A Collection of worship with a couple of songs @ Banana-Praise Chapter One

A set of worship with a few songs of Banana-Praise Chapter one
7. = “Merciful Savior” from Natula
8. = This is the air I breathe
9. = Agnus dei
10. = HalleluYah

There are many opinions on worship but let me share my viewpoint in a few sentences and please do not get me wrong.
Usually when most people mention worship they automatically think about music with specific lyrics in a specific style.
But Worship is not music!
Worship is worship and music is music.
Even though worship also in scripture is almost all times connected with music.
But true worship does not depend on the place, time, environment or music as a carrier.

True worship is a permanent attitude, a lifestyle that is in total closeness with the Lord Yeshua, seeking always to praise and glorify Him alone in all our actions and words.

Music instead meets the human needs and that can express worship – it’s a sound but it’s not a truth.
You can check scriptures for yourself and figure out about worship and music.

However, the heavenly father has given us music as a divine gift and heaven is full with melody.

Actually, the music that I write is usually inspired by experiences and emotions and sometimes scriptures but not so much of a style that typical got claimed as worship.
But by grace of Elohim I managed to write two songs of worship. (The first song of this set is one of them).

It was a time within the concerts for everyone to become intimate with the Lord.

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