Another Banana-recording by


Actually I am not a good piano player I need to apologize some flaws!
And well, I even don’t have the notes of the Israeli Anthem and actually if I would have them I would possibly not able to read it good enought that I could play from the sheet.
The Music includes just fractions of it scattered around between the improvisations and not complete.
But I guess those who know it will pick it up along the way.
The Anthem just recently came to me, so this music is a bit of an expression from it.
I have been joining a musical in Israel many years ago where the Anthem also was performed.
From there I remember it – guess I heard it occasionally here and there a few times but that’s it.
However, I hope you can enjoy it anyway.
Though I am a drummer and not a pianist I anyway love to play on a piano with a good sound instead something with black and white keys where the sound is hard to guess.
Recording is like always done by Bindernowski (
All photos and footages are taken also by Bindernowski.
The composer of the Israeli National Anthem is Naftali Herz Imber.
Maybe one day I will be back to Erez Israel ?

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