Another audio recording by if you like it, share it – donations welcome.

The video itself does not show the real place where the Shofar and the singing was recorded.
It was actually recorded in an ordinary small empty room with even less than 12m² of size.
The Audio recording does not include any effects at all…
You hear only the singing and the sounding of the Shofar with the natural reverb of this room.
What actually lead me to put this video in the background is the fact that the the reverb of the room sounds almost like in a cave.
This specific cave where you have a nice view out to the ocean is not far away from where I live.
Maybe I will go there one day singing and sound the Shofar.
The difficult part is to find a day where the ocean is calm like at this video.
Otherwise the sound of the waves would be louder than the singing.

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